Data logger/Recorder from SEFRAM

Data loggers / recorders from SEFRAM

Testhouse Nordic is proud to represent SEFRAM, a world-leading brand for data acquistion and recording with a full range of Recorders and Data Logging systems for a.o. measurement of Voltage, Current , Resistance, Temperature frequency and logical signals. The models are designed for field and bench applications, with products featuring hundreds of channels or up to one million of samples/s, with or without built-in printers. Most Recorders are designed with touch screen technology, making them easy-to-use and intuitive.


DAS 240 - New portable data logger with up to 200 channels

The new DAS240 recorder has been designed to measure all parameters you can find in a process: voltage measurements, measurements on sensors (0-10V), temperature measurements (thermocouples, Pt100-1000), current measurements (with optional shunt), resistance measurements, pulse counter, frequency. You can view directly the results of measurements (graphs, numerical values) and memorize your results in the recorder or in a USB memory stick. The data transfer, data processing, remote setup can be done with the licence free DasLab software.

Mains features of the DAS240 :

  • 20 to 200 analog channels
  • Input : voltage, thermocouple, Pt100-1000, current (with optional adapter), resistance
  • Voltage: from 1mV to 200V (±100V)
  • Temperature: thermocouples (all types), Pt100-1000 (2 or 3 wires)
  • 16 Bit vertical resolution
  • Max sampling rate: 1ms (1kHz)
  • 12 logical channels
  • 4 alarms (output)
  • 4 logical function input with counter & frequencymeter capability
  • 10" TFT panoramic touch screen
  • Internal hard drive : 32 GB
  • Interfaces: 2xUSB, Ethernet, Wifi (option)
  • Lithium-ion battery (factory option) : 15h autonomy



DAS 1600 - up to 1 million samples/s 

The SEFRAM DAS1600 is a high-speed data logger with graphics UI
  • 6  to 72 channels, 500 GB memory
  • Voltage, temp and digital measurements
  • 14 bit resolution, 1 MHz sampling rate
  • 15.4” touch screen



DAS 50 - Handheld and high-speed

The SEFRAM DAS 50 is a portable high-speed data logger with graphics UI

  • 4 channels, 100 kHz bandwidth
  • Voltage, temp and digital measurements
  • 14 bit resolution, 1 MHz sampling rate
  • 10" touch screen, battery


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