NEW Triple Output Programmable DC Power supplies from Keysight

Affordable, Versatile, Easy-to-use Bench DC Power supplies

Keysight's next generation triple output DC power supplies combine rich functionality with an attractive price point. The family consists of three basic models

  • E36311A  6V, 5A and ±25V, 1A, 80W (USB)
  • E36312A  6V, 5A and 2x 25V, 1A, 80W (LAN, USB)
  • E36313A  6V, 10A and 2x 25V, 2A, 160W (LAN, USB)

Performance characteristics:

  • Programmable via LAN and USB (GPIB optional)
  • Output sequencing
  • Excellent load regulation with low noise and ripple
  • Low current measurements
  • Data logging
  • Excellent accuracy in programming and read-back
  • Excellent ease-of-use, color-coded channels and large color display



Buy an E36300 series power supply before March 31, 2018,

and get a complimentary handheld DMM, the Keysight U1242C!

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Learn more about the E36300 series of Power Supplies